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This page is the most up-to-date on career updates, information about what Allie's working on, any news/press, and really anything that can be shared about her artistic journey. (:

Allie is so excited and grateful to be cast in the 2022 Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase! 

This will be a combined showcase featuring actors based in both New York and Los Angeles, that will perform in a virtual event for casting directors, talent agents, managers and other industry professionals.
In addition, the selected showcase actors are awarded a one-year mentorship with executives from Disney Television Discovers. As part of the mentorship, the showcase actors are offered on-camera workshops to further develop their craft and auditioning skills.

It will be released December 2022.

lovers leap

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Allie plays "Anaya" in Lovers Leap (2022), a fresh coming-of-age short film that follows a teenager sets out to win over his crush while on a float trip down the Potomac River, but when everything that can go wrong does go wrong, his manhood is put on the line.

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Allie guest stars as "Simone Richards" on Law & Order in
"Battle Lines" (S22, EP.2

"Although Simone didn't get to talk much about her own experience, she said that having an abortion saved her life. This was an interesting point that needed more air time; women who need abortions for health reasons are often caught up in the net of anti-abortion laws."

(TV Fanatic)


Created by Dick Wolf and Rick Eid

Written by Art Alamo

Directed by Milena Govich