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In short...

Alexandra (“Allie”) Vazquez, born on August 19th, is a Puerto Rican/Dominican, multi-talented artist currently based in New York City. She is an actor, singer-songwriter, and dancer born and raised in Northern New Jersey. After spending years performing on stage productions from high school, to local theatre and community college, Allie took the leap of faith and went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Acting for the Stage and Screen from DeSales University (2020). Following an evidently rough, but abundant year, she was blessed to be signed with KMR Talent Agency (Theatrical and Commercial Divisions) and her manager, Kyle Luker from Industry Entertainment. 


Her first television role was “Ana” in the pilot of “Only Murders in the Building” (2021), across comedy legend, Steve Martin. Additional credits include “Missy” on Amazon Prime’s “Harlem” (2022), and “Simone Richards” on NBC’s “Law & Order” (2022) set to release later this year.  Her film credits include the Indie short “Lovers Leap” (2022) as the lead role “Anaya,” with more in post-production. She's also worked with multiple theatre companies such as Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, The Civilians, and River Union Stage.


Allie is currently in production for the "Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase” (2022) made possible by Disney and ABC Entertainment Casting, and is set to release in December of 2022.


Besides her dedication to screen-acting, Allie also loves to sing and write original music mainly inspired by Jazz, R&B, Pop, and Indie. She’s a member of The Maker’s Ensemble, a Brooklyn-based theatre troupe dedicated to uplifting BIPOC and underprivileged individuals’ voices by creating accessible art through various mediums. Her identity as a Latina and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and love for collaboration, motivates her to participate in and/or create projects with authenticity and passion and with others who want to do the same.

In long (?)...

Yay! No more third person POV talking! Hi! 

My name is Allie Vazquez. Vazquez with a "z", not Vazquez with an "s", cause Vazquez with an "s" goes "ss", not "zz".

If you get that reference, just know that makes me very happy.


I'm a proud Puerto Rican/Dominican Leo (Sagittarius Rising/Pisces Moon), born with an old soul and raised in Northern New Jersey. As a kid, I grew up watching, memorizing, and impersonating sketches and characters from shows like In Living Color, All That, SNL, The Carol Burnett Show, and literally everthing Jim Carrey was ever in. Sidenote: I vividly remember getting in trouble for my Fire Marshall Bill impression during a school fire drill in 3rd grade. Yeah, I know. I was a very dramatic kid. But at least I put it to use.

In terms of my relationship with music and singing, I owe my diverse taste in music to my dad, as he forced me (until I loved) to listen to Jazz, RnB, Soul, and Rock n Roll off his Microsoft Zune that he was super proud could hold 1,000 songs. My dad said he used to pray to God that I'd come out with a voice like Stevie Nicks, and while I could never (repeat - never) compare to her, I discovered that my raspy/low-registered singing voice can belong in the music world and stand out for the best reasons from listening to singers like Amy Winehouse, Toni Braxton, and Etta Fitzgerald. Even though we couldn't afford singing or dancing lessons, my parents were always and, thankfully, continue to be supportive of my artistic endeavors in any way they can be. My dad bought an American Idol singing game and the Beatles Rockband as my way to practice singing and musical inclinations, and my mom would help me learn and memorize dance routines from different music videos, such as "Get Right" by J-Lo, "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson, and almost every music video of Michael Jackson. I also learned how to sing and dance to Spanish music every Saturday morning when my mom would blast Marc Anthony or Celia Cruz to clean the entire house. Alongside the theatrical behavior, I used to lock myself in my room for hours with my webcam to make full-length, cringey, stop-motion music videos to songs like "Ghostbusters" or "Bust A Move." Unfortunately, I erased them off my Youtube Channel instead of putting them on "private" because I didn't know how Youtube worked. It was like 2008. Honestly, I most likely would've gotten bullied for them, so it was probably for the best. That's all to say that I definitely found my love for making content I was proud of and others could enjoy.

From the time I was in middle school, I used my creativity as a way of self-expression. I taught myself guitar and ukulele, started writing songs, poems, and sketches, and during my high school years, joined marching/concert band (Alto Sax represent!!), drama club (duh), GSA, and cut/dyed my hair every style/color you can think of. When I'm not auditioning, I'm working on publishing more music, writing screenplays, up-cycling thrifted clothes, experimenting with my drag king persona, "Alex," and producing/editing my own music videos.​ Since moving to NYC in August 2020 after graduating (Class of Quarantine represent!!), I've been blessed to be signed with my agency and manager, and receive a plethora of big auditions from networks like CBS, Warner Bros., 20th Television, and HBOMax. When I'm not self taping or doing anything creative, I love to binge anything involving true crime, vogue/ballroom, or BTS of TV shows and movies, play solitaire, read at the Drama Book Shop, try new foods, and swing in my hammock on a nice day.

Over the last couple years, I've discovered that my artistic purpose is to authentically create art, in any form I desire, that can inspire, spark conversation, and connect with others through this beautifully strange shared human experience. 

My dream is to one day own a production company, so I could make impactful executive decisions that encourage artists, especially those of color or otherwise at a disadvantage, to express themselves and share their talents unapologetically in a safe, exciting, and conducive environment.

Thank you for reading (or skimming) all of that. (:



Allie <3

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